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The Process

It's as simple as one... two... three.

We use a three-step creative process.

One... we talk.

We get to know each other.  We especially want to know how you see yourself, what you do for people, and what you feel is missing.

Two... we plan.

We look closely at where you are and chart a path that makes sense, together, getting where you want to be.

Three... we make it happen.

We write.  We record.  We edit.  Then we edit again, and we edit one more time.  Before we deliver, we make sure we have a clear deployment plan.

It's that simple.

Wait – talk about what?

We're glad you asked. Four things:

  • How does your audience – customers or users – see you now?

  • What is the driving reason your business or organization exists – not just the company line, but on a visionary level?

  • Let's find your message  – the bold point your audience has to hear.

  • Lastly, the bottom line ...
    What do you feel is missing from your business's performance right now?

So what's the plan?

Once we have the answers to those major questions, we can plan how to say what needs to be said, reach who needs to be reached, and fix what needs to be fixed.

We outline the project in a document exploring the following:

  • The problem we're working together to address

  • The obstacles we've discovered in exploring that problem

  • The right messaging to close those gaps and surpass those obstacles

  • The video approach or approaches that will convey the messaging

See for yourself.

Or if, like us, you prefer a challenge ... prove you can count to three.

You aced that!

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